Old Friends

You ever walked into a place and make eye contact with someone, you both get that I know you look but make yourself a little crazy trying to figure out how? Then you finally just ask and you both not having seen each other, in like forever, end up talking story for a really long time?

This keeps happening to me. There is no mistake in the face of those friends I run into. They have that same look and mannerisms as they once did so many years ago. So many childhood memories rush into my mind and I wonder if I look the same to them too. Sure there are now smile lines where smooth skin used to be and I have that keener look in my eye, innocence is gone- but my heart, I am the same and I still giggle thinking of how it used to be.

My friend, I marvel at, she is so fit! And she is really beautiful, time was kind to her. We turn our attention to our children, the reason we ended up at the same place at the same time. Mini versions of ourselves. We used to spend so many hours in a place like this, a gym. Those friendships forged over hours, sweat, tears, years- a lifetime it seems. More time in that gym than with our own families. And yet, years since seeing each other, like not a day passed. So much fun talking without any expectations or agendas.

It will be the same for our children. Those were some of the best friends I ever had. And even though I rarely see them, when I do, we talk fondly of each other- of times we once had. Those memories like a basket of sea shells on the counter, collected and cherished.IMG_0635

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