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Aloha!  My first visit to the Hawaiian Islands was in 1994.  It was a four day honeymoon.  We were so fortunate to just be there, unable to afford excursions, we walked around and found all the free things to do.  In that, the spirit of aloha caught me and I have never been able to shake that wonderful feeling.  That peaceful feeling stayed with me and I have to say I love all things Hawaiian. I started Me Ke Aloha headbands as a fundraiser in 2014 when my daughter’s gymnastic team travelled to Oahu for a competition. But Me Ke Aloha means so much more to me. It is a beautiful Hawaiian greeting that expresses love in a heartfelt way.  This Blog is about family, friends, fitness and food. It is a blog to talk story and share aloha. There are so many things to talk about that I hope you come back often and check in with us.

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I hope you hear the ukulele in my head as you read this and can smell the fresh fragrance of plumeria flowers as I imagine them.






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