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Who has time for a real breakfast anymore?

Is the problem cooking it or eating it?

So many of us working parents lament over what our children eat for breakfast.  When they are little, if we are lucky we prepare them a hearty breakfast.  And when they get older we hope they can fend for themselves but have learned how to make good choices.  It’s that in between time, when they need it the most that we all need a little help. Those high school years, our athletes really need every bit of sleep as much as they need a hearty breakfast to start the day!

I found these delicious Sausage Egg Muffins and they are perfect for me too!  My day starts so early, that nearly three hours have gone by at work, and it is finally a normal breakfast hour.  I have taken to making these every other week or so.  The weeks in between I get my teenager to make overnight oats.  I’ll have to post that recipe next!

Photo Credit: Erich Dark

The trick is to make the sausage and egg cups and store them in the fridge in an airtight container. Upon reheating for one minute in the microwave (depending on your machine) I add the cheese for a last ten second blitz and serve with some slices of tomato or avocado.  You might like salsa and sour cream.  When packing my breakfast, I just put everything in divided Tupperware or sandwich baggies.

What you’ll need:

One tube, 1lb Jimmy Dean Sausage

3 T almond flour

3 T coconut flour

3 t ground flax seed

12 eggs

½ t salt

¼ t pepper

Cheese, either shredded or slices cut when ready to eat –  And tomato, avocado, or salsa and sour cream. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Prepping the meal:

  1. Preheat oven 400*
  2. Spray muffin tin with coconut cooking spray
  3. Mix sausage by hand with the almond flour, coconut flour and flax seed
  4. Divide sausage mix into 12 pieces and press into the muffin tins on bottom as well as up the sides into small cup shapes
  5. Crack an egg into each and sprinkle salt and pepper
  6. Bake 25 minutes or until sausage is fully cooked (160* with a meat thermometer).
  7. Once cooled store in airtight container in refridgerator.

Notes: My microwave likes one minute, and I keep my muffin whole, I have friends who have tried and their machines like 30 seconds and some like to cut their muffin in half for more uniform reheat.  You will need to find your happy microwave time through trial and error.  But remember, you can always add more time-over microwaving is yucky!




Gymnastics Peanut Butter Energy Balls

peanut butter ballsFirst:  measure 1 Cup of organic oats into your food processor and pulse for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the texture you want.

Second: You will then add the 1/4 C of peanut butter (or almond butter or cashew), pulse a few more times.

Third:  Add the honey (2-3 Tablespoons) and vanilla (dash of vanilla) and pulse a few more times.

Last: Roll into nugget sizes of your choice. There you go! It’s that easy!!!

Freeze them for storage, or keep them in the fridge up to two weeks if they last that long!

Note: I have my gymnast eat them at home before going to the gym as some teammates have nut allergies so check with your team/gym.

Bombalicious Ladoo

Oh my goodness, much anxiety today. I have been on three weeks staycation – didn’t go anywhere but the closets and the garage and the kitchen are completely cleaned out and organized. My office got a makeover and I redid my daughter’s room; she loves it by the way. The guy at goodwill drop off and I are on a first name basis. Panic is setting in, I go back to work tomorrow.

The To Do list is long and daunting and I really just want to pull the covers back over my head, “Go away cruel world!” If I stay in my room with the ocean waves breaking noise cancelling machine, diffuse “Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood”, and turn the air conditioner off, I can pretend for just one more day that I am in paradise. It took me two weeks just to turn the work phone off and completely unplug- ignoring work related emails and such. Then one week to just relax. I am not ready to return! What I think will be worse than returning to the 4:45 wake up alarm, is the pile of work to catch up on just to be up to speed on the goings on over the last three weeks in my absence.

A top priority today is to make a favorite go to treat, in abundance, so that I can have a healthy alternative to my NEED CHOCOLATE NOW fix, as that is sure to hit me tomorrow. Ever had a Ladoo? I was lucky enough to taste a healthy version at a local Yoga place some months back. YUMMY! These things are bombalicious. Now, clearly all things good like this in moderation. I read that some of the ingredients have interesting health benefits. Unsweetened chocolate is stimulating and used for an aphrodisiac, enough said. Cinnamon is warming and helps regulate blood sugar. Dates are considered sattvic, which means that they can be digested easily or having balance. Eaten before or after exercise, they are loaded with potassium and other minerals that you burn up during exercise so good to replace what you use. Let’s go to the kitchen:

fresh dates laddu 1

Coconut Chocolate Laddo

2 cups nuts (1 cup almonds, 1 cup walnuts)

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

2 cups pitted dates

2 tablespoons Grade B maple syrup

Dried shredded coconut to roll the balls in (I like the very fine shred)

  1. Grind nuts in food processor until they have a flour-like consistency. Add the cocoa and cinnamon powder to make as chocolaty as you like- I like chocolate- Add the dates and the maple syrup.
  2. Blend together in the food processor, adding more dates until you get a “breakable” dough, which can hold form. Form into walnut sized balls in your hands. Roll and gently press the balls in the coconut. Store in fridge for up to 4 days (or freeze some)