Lets Start with Aloha!

Me Ke AlohaOh my goodness, this page is finally here!  You have no idea what a monumental effort this was.  I hate computer things.  I have a habit of breaking the internet.  Well, that at least is what it seems to be every time my husband has to fix something on my computer he asks what I did and my answer is usually, “I just clicked to open the internet.”  I married a computer guy, thank God.  And with his help Me Ke Aloha Life is now online!  I have ideas, thoughts, I am crafty, and I am always doing something!  I plan to share all these creative ideas with you now that the hard part is done, the writing will be fun.  Me Ke Aloha life is about so much more than just a Blog.  Please read our About page and save us in your favorites, you are going to want to visit and talk story often!  Anyone having been to Hawaii just once knows what I mean.  But for now, I absolutely must unwind with my “Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood” essential oil from Young Living, cue the ukulele…..dreams of sand between my toes and warm off shore breeze through my hair.

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